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Submitted by: College of Dairy and Food Science Technology, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technolo
Implemented country: India
Title: Solar Tunnel Dryer for Industrial Application

Solar poly houses collect solar energy and the inside air may be manipulated in terms of required temperature and humidity by regulating air flow through it. Same principle has been used to design and develop natural and forced convection type solar tunnel drying system for large scale application. Investment per unit mass of the product dried for the “walk-in-type solar tunnel dryer (STD)” is far lower than available natural and forced flow type solar dryers. The solar tunnel dryers have been put up for bulk drying of fruits, vegetables, spices, surgical cotton, rose petals, animal feed, chemical and other agro-industrial products. The batch size varies from few hundred kgs to more than a tonne in most cases. The cost of drying has reduced substantially, even by more than 80% in some cases as compared to the existing practice. In the process, industries have also saved large quantity of commercial sources of energy (electricity and petroleum fuel) and reduced emission of green house gases. In this project attempts have been made to demonstrate natural and forced convection solar tunnel dryer at farms and agro industries for large scale drying of their products.