National Energy Globe Award Ghana (overall winner)

Submitted by: DSTC Solar Training Centre
Implemented country: Ghana
Title: A Solar Training Center for Ghana

DSTC (DENG Solar Training Center) was organized in 2005 in Ghana and is an internationally recognized training center for design, installation, and maintenance of solar systems and solar water pumps. The center offers training for anyone associated with the solar energy sector, such as private enterprises, individuals, government authorities, NGOs, as well as for students. The organization’s objective is to provide access to underdeveloped and underprivileged people living in particularly remote areas of Ghana. This project is aimed at introducing solar energy to the general public and making it possible for people to no longer have to live in darkness.
Technical training sessions typically consist of classroom instruction as well as practical demonstrations where the installation of solar systems is taught. The classes conclude with a test and with the award of certificates for one of three achievement levels (ratings: “passed”/”very good”/”with distinction”). By establishing a regional supply chain and offering maintenance services, households and village communities will become increasingly aware of solar energy as well of the advantages of associated products and services such as solar refrigerators and freezers, solar water pumps, solar light systems, etc. This project also creates jobs, supports a clean environment, improves education levels and health facilities and offers a better life for Ghanaians.

“Our mission is to continually leverage our many years of experience in providing advanced engineering solutions to the benefit of the African market.”

Frede Bosteen

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