Submitted by: Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
Implemented country: Denmark
Title: Das weltweit grünste Hotel

The hotel is simply built to be (one of) the World's greenest with environmentally responsible technology used throughout the hotel, including:

  • The first groundwater-based cooling and heating system in Denmark, expected to reduce the energy used for heating and cooling the hotel by almost 90%
  • The largest solar panel park in Northern Europe to be integrated into a building, covering all the hotel’s sunny facades
  • Low energy light sources, light management and water saving everywhere
  • Our whole IT infrastructure chosen from energy frame and recyclability
  • Bio-degradable bathroom amenities
  • A kitchen running on induction technology and where all food waste is grinded and transported to a nearby biogas facility to create new energy
  • Supplier management and calculated food strategy: We have lowered the number of weekly deliveries and we aim at retrieving our preferentially organic raw materials within a 300 kilometer radius

The overall result is a 53% reduction in the hotel's energy consumption and an estimated 1.3 tonnes yearly saving in our carbon emission.

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