Submitted by: Energy Partnership
Implemented country: Singapore
Title: Improvement of Energy Efficiency for Worldwide Rresidential Estates

Energy Partnership has successfully implemented energy optimization solutions in a building sector frequently being neglected due to its difficulties in implementation — the Luxurious Private Residential Estate. Like in many developed cities around the world, Singapore is a tiny island country state but housed a 5.08 million population, in which there are more than 2,000 private residential estates — in the form of Apartments and Condominium with luxurious facilities that consumed a lot of energy, with each estate size ranges from 100 — 1,500 family units. Unlike the public housing where the estate is excellently managed by the state government, these private estates are managed by residents who stayed within and have volunteered their service as the council members for their respective MCST (Management Corporation Strata Titles). These private councils are formed usually between 7-14 council members in their respective estate with people from different working background and experience. With their limited time as volunteer, as weil as commonly lack of technical knowledge in buildings, the management works will largely depends on the Managing Agent (MA) who is commercially appointed to manage the estate daily administrative and maintenance works. For upgrading and improvement works, not only the MA needs to seek approval from these volunteer council members, they also have to seek majority vote approval from the entire estate in their yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM). Hence implementing Energy Saving Project in Private Estate becomes a big challenge for consultants not only on the technologies applied, but also the long and uncertain project time line, including managing a large pool of residents with different expectation. Energy Partnership has successfully implemented a series of Energy Saving Project in a few large scale Residential projects, and Southaven II Condominium is specially selected herein as a show case project that has achieved an astonishing 31.5% savings in their annual energy consumption. Hopefully with this successful replicable project, it could do its little part in aspiring other developers, estates and organization around the world in optimizing the energy usage in their luxuries estates.

Category: Fire