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Submitted by: Club des Amis du Cameroun (CAMIC)
Implemented country: Cameroon
Title: NLONG (Development Project)

The project is set up in NLONG village, LOBO Sub- Division, LEKIE Division, Center Province, CAMEROON. The populations of NLONG village drink water from streams and rivers. Children and women cover long distances to fetch water for the rest of the family many times a day, in containers of about 20 liters. Basic hygiene measures are not respected.
Provision of NLONG village with potable water by constructing a well equipped with a manual pump.
The beneficiaries of the project are the populations of NLONG village who are about 500 persons. It is worth noting that women and children are the direct beneficiaries of the project.
The population has put a piece of land at the disposal of the project, indicating where it has to be realized.
They also offered sand for the masonry, manpower to dig the well, as well as an expert to install the pump.
This project is very important for women and children because they are the ones who usually fetch water.