Submitted by: Joti Popovski
Implemented country: Macedonia
Title: New generation of anaerobic waste water stations for a clean and healthy future

Waste water from households and industry damages the environment when it is dumped into rivers and lakes. Conventional water treatment methods are expensive and inefficient and they themselves pollute the environment. Anaerobic biofiltering waste water treatment systems provide a solution to this dilemma. Water that flows through such a system is cleaned without additional disinfection and after treatment it can be returned to waterways without environmentally damaging side effects. The system is simple in structure and the process is fast. Because the process uses no electricity and no fuel, so its operation is also environmentally friendly. A single plant handles 1,533,000 m³ of waste water and saves 920,000 kWh or 258 tons of CO2. The project is currently being implemented.

Category: Water