Submitted by: Walter Loidl Zeichenbüros
Implemented country: Austria
Title: CELTEE - Clean Energy Low Temeperature Emission free Engine

CELTEE converts every conceivable type of heat above 40 ° C into usable energy, is
use level - thus ideally suited to low-temperature heat. This results in
a motor fuel is the sole heat. There is no primary energy
destroyed or converted nor oxygen.
As an energy supplier to offer:
· Waste heat from exothermic processes
· Waste heat from the thermodynamic processes
· Solar or geothermal heat
· Heat from Verrottungsprozessen
This is a completely new, independent power generation, away from all the networks
This is achieved by the strain anomalies of liquid CO2, which in the engine
is hermetically sealed. The CO2 is removed from the atmosphere
be preserved unchanged in the engine and must not be replaced (except for
Small losses in seals or diffusion).
Integrated energy systems available on the market are usually at high temperature
(Combustion) dependent. In contrast, the system presented here works optimally with
Inlet temperatures of a heat transfer medium from about 65 ° C, but also at just 40 ° C.
provide useful power.
The applications cover a wide spectrum:
- Use of the oscillating motion
pumping plants of all kinds
Deep wells for irrigation
oil Production
booster stations
Storage power plants
High pressure pumps for RO - plants
Step conveyors

Category: Air