Submitted by: HSE Dept. of NIPC and Industry Dept. of IFCO
Implemented country: Iran, Islamic Republic of
Title: Benchmarking, Standard Setting and Energy Conservation Program for Iranian Petrochemicals Plants

The national Iranian petrochemical company (NIPC) and the Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization (IFCO) studied selected petrochemical production sites and processes to find energy conservation opportunities, set standards and develop an energy conservation program for Iranian petrochemical plants. KBC Company and its local partners have been commissioned to undertake this work through benchmarking and detailed and walkthrough energy audits. In the study phase of project about 120 energy conservation opportunities were found. Implementation of these project results in Decreasing 1.056 Million ton/year CO2 emissions and decreasing of energy consumption equivalent to 550 Million Nm3 natural gas per year energy consumption in the selected plants.

Category: Fire