Submitted by: Austrian Development Agency / Eco - Himal / Haashar
Implemented country: Austria
Title: Conifer Research and Training Partnership, Bhutan

Mountain ecosystems are home to about 600 million people and the source of water for half of the world’s population. A quarter of the world’s forests are in mountain regions. The Himalayas are among the most threatened mountain ecosystems. However, Bhutan is an exception within this region, as its forests cover 64% of the country and in its orientation towards nature conservation. Yet, with the increasing population and change in people’s aspiration, there is a corresponding rise in demand on wood and non-wood forest products for both domestic and industrial purposes. The main objective of the project is to enhance the research capacity of forest investigators and to conduct research on temperate conifer forest eco-systems in order to provide a solid basis for sustainable land use and nature conservation. The focus on capacity building and the creation and enhancement of ownership of knowledge in Bhutan through participative program formulation and implementation processes will guarantee sustainability in terms of problem solving capacity of stakeholders in this region.

Category: Earth