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Submitted by: Harbec Plastics Inc.
Implemented country: United States
Title: Power and Productivity through Energy Innovation and Efficiency

In its concern for the future, Harbec Plastics, Inc.,a small custom injection molder located in upstate New York, has taken a unique approach, radically altering the usual manufacturing practices, to emerge as a beacon for others to follow. The process began almost 10 years ago, when Harbec’s President, Bob Bechtold, explored the concept of seeking energy independence to provide affordable, dependable power. After running into a number of obstacles, he began investigating alternatives, including a 250 kW wind turbine and twenty-five microturbines (combined heat and power) which generate electricity and provide the heating and cooling needs for the plant. Furthermore the company has installed a heat-recovery system. Two years later they began to exchange the hydraulic equipment for the all-electric servo-driven molding machines. These machines were able to the same job and use up to 50% less energy. Most importantly, the company cut its greenhouse gas emissions from the molding operation, also account for the use of renewable electricity and the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. Harbec Plastics has created a demonstration website to courage others to copy their concept.

Category: Fire