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Submitted by: BEAR-iD Sustainable Urban Planners + Architects
Implemented country: Netherlands
Title: Bioclimatic Sports Centre, Wageningen

Sports centers usually pay little attention to solar energy or saving energy in general. This project aims to demonstrate a sustainable and low-energy sports center and the possibility of integrating solar energy into this type of building. This new center consists of two sports halls, an office, a canteen and an indoor climbing wall, all situated around a central area (the plaza) in the heart of the complex. The plaza is an unheated outdoor area and its glass roof contains transparent PV modules. The design of this building is based on the idea of integrating environmental technological aspects such as solar energy. The solar chimney is part of the bioclimatic ventilation system of the center. The glass roof, stretching up to 24 meters, covers the climbing wall and also acts as a ventilation shaft.

Category: Earth