Submitted by: CO² Solutions Inc.
Implemented country: Canada
Title: CO2 Solution – First-generation industrial prototype of CO2 capture

CO2 Solution is an environmental biotechnology company that develops a technological platform for the treatment of carbon dioxide within the context of climate change. The project describes a first generation industrial type prototype. Inside a reactor, the inventors exploit the enzyme capacity to catalyze in aqueous environment the transformation of CO2 into bicarbonate, a harmless product. In harmony with the environment, this technique is totally secure for humans since the biochemical reaction used is the same that allows CO2 transportation and elimination in the human body. The first generation industrial prototype constitutes the first phase of a major project that will develop through successive scale-ups. In this first phase, the prototype treats about 150 liters of gaseous effluents per minute. Based on market demands and industrial needs, many prototypes could be installed everywhere in the world in order validate the technology’s versatile nature and its adaptability to many varied industrial conditions.

Category: Air