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Submitted by: Solar Cookers International
Implemented country: Kenya
Title: Sunny Solutions

Solar cooking is the only smoke-free cooking technology available in Kenya. The World Health Organization states: “Indoor air pollution from solid fuel use is responsible for more than 1.6 million annual deaths and 2.7% of the global burden of disease. This way of cooking makes the risk factor the second biggest environmental contributor to illness and death, behind unsafe water and sanitation. Dependence on polluting solid fuels to meet basic energy needs represents one of the biggest threats to children’s health. Solar cooking one meal a day, three times a week has been proved to reduce fuel-wood consumption and related smoke by one third. Solar Cooking International (SCI) will soon start solar cooking enterprises in Kisumu, the third largest city of Kenya. The proposed project is an extension of current activity in a nearby rural area where there are now over 600 solar cookers, 17 sales representatives and 3 solar cooking related businesses. SCI has promoted the use of simple, low-cost solar cookers since 1987. Their projects have empowered 40,000 families in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia to cook with the sun. The aim of Sunny Solutions Kisumu is to expand the spread solar cooking and water pasteurizing in and near Kisumu through local enterprises to achieve here the same success as in the other parts of the country.

Category: Air