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Submitted by: Smart Power and Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA)
Implemented country: United States
Title: CESA Clean Energy Media and Marketing Campaign by Smart Power

Smart Power is a nonprofit marketing organization that is leading the effort to market clean energy throughout the United States. The project’s mission is to promote clean energy (energy from sources such as wind, solar and water) by using traditional and collaborative marketing techniques. The goal is to make clean energy a mainstream product. The “20% by 2010” campaign, which they launched in 2003, is the foundation of Smart Power’s effort. The campaign encourages institutions, municipalities and individuals to make the commitment to obtain 20% of their electricity from clean sources by 2010. Starting in 2004, Smart Power coordinated with the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) to create an advertising campaign to increase public awareness of clean energy in targeted states across the country. They want people to understand that clean energy is not some failed effort from the 1970’s but a strong, viable alternative to coal, oil and nuclear energy. Success of the advertisement was based on tracking polls, which they continued to take throughout the campaign.

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