Submitted by: Earth Horizon Productions
Implemented country: Ireland
Title: Renewable Energy TV Series

The aim of the project is to accelerate the uptake of Renewable Energy across the EU by more effective and more widespread communication means. This project undertook the production and broadcast of a 4×25 minute TV program series dedicated to the education and promotion of renewable energy across the EU. Using the most powerful communication means available, TV, the series has been a huge local success. The title of the project is „Engine Earth“. The Energy Earth TV series funded under the EU Thermie Programme was viewed by one million viewers in Ireland. Filming took place in Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. Using TV as the medium of communication allowed for quick diffusion of the four-part broadcast. An update of the Engine Earth series is currently in progress, funded by the EU Altener Programme. The new series will be broadcasted across the EU and will be available in seven languages.

Category: Fire