Submitted by: SWS Group
Implemented country: Ireland
Title: Smart Energy Policies

The main aim of the REACT project is to develop innovative, nationally adapted policies and programmes that will enable faster and more cost effective market transformation towards Renewable Energy use. The 31 case studies that have been assessed during the course of the project deliver a clear message: if appropriate policies are applied, rapid market development can take place. The participants of REACT are made up of representatives from the national energy agencies. These agencies are actively involved at a national level in monitoring the implementation of energy conservation and management of renewable energy programmes. REACT have produced a Smart Energy Policies DVD. The 16 minute broadcast assesses the current situation in Ireland and highlights what national improvements can be made in a bid to conserve energy and comply with European directives. The series also examines the policies that have been successfully implemented in other member states. The use of TV as the medium of communication allowed for the quick diffusion of the series.

Category: Fire