Submitted by: Engineering Institute of Membrane Technology and Techniques development and installation, Membrane-7
Implemented country: Georgia
Title: Rehabilitation of Mtkavari River

The River Mtkavari flows through the center of Tilisi, the capital city of Georgia, and discharges into the Caspian Sea. Unfortunately it has become a potential source of various infectious diseases due to factories sending all their wastewater into the river. The municipal cleaning and disinfection system consists of 14 cleaning stations, but the installations have long been outdated and ineffective. They are physically damaged and do not function properly. The government is well aware that a solution is needed. The aim of the project is to install 5 automated membrane units for cleaning and disinfection of sewage waters from 5 main polluters. Membrane units for hospitals provide absolutely disinfected water that is free from any large and small physical admixtures and can be safely discharged into the river.

Category: Water