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Submitted by: Karan Sharma
Implemented country: India
Title: Cooler with a difference

This project works towards altering the standard design of evaporative coolers. The conventional cooler is a rectangular chamber of plastic or metal sheet that cools a room by passing air from an electric fan through pads wetted with water from the sump. When air passes through the wet pad, evaporation of water takes place, which cools the dry air. The modification they plan involves the replacement of the sump by earthen clay. This clay has the capacity to cool the fluid stored in it. Pots made of earthen clay have been in use in India for ages. Water seeps through the partially porous walls of these pots; when the water on the outer surface of the pot evaporates, it cools the surface of the pot and the water inside. Thus water cooled by the clay slump will cool the air more effectively when it is pumped up and dispersed to the meshes than conventional slump water. This innovation helps to increase the cooling capacity without increasing the power consumption of the appliance.

Category: Fire