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Submitted by: University of Salahaddin-Erbil, Colleg of Engineering, Mechanixcal department
Implemented country: Iraq
Title: Solar water pump in Iraq

The main feature of this project is to pump liquids by means of solar energy and steam jet ejector principles. The pump has the capacity to convey water for irrigation or to lift water to higher levels. The source of the steam applied to the steam jet ejector can be either an electrical boiler or concentrating solar collectors. The latter method is used particularly in rural areas where electricity is not available for the generation of steam for the steam jet ejector. The steam can also be reused domestically or to run steam turbines for electric power generation. Steam jet ejectors can even be used to convey flammable liquids, which cannot be conveyed by ordinary pumps because of electric spark dangers. Another advantage is that both steam jet ejectors and concentrating solar collectors are simple in design and can be manufactured in local markets.

Category: Water