Submitted by: Master Tec Constr. Instal & Com Ltda CNPJ
Implemented country: Brazil
Title: Preventive measures for flood disasters in Brazil

As a matter of fact weather patterns are increasingly extreme nowadays. Since Brazil has repeatedly faced severe flooding in months of exceptionally massive rainfalls, Master Tec decided to launch a project with the objective of preventing as much damage as possible caused by floods. The first step of the project is to build Safety Surfaces in areas that are most likely to be flooded. Secondly all affected people need to be instructed that new safety measures are available and how to access and use them. In addition, the construction of Moving Stands Platforms is planned, with the capacity to carry a great number of people and thus rescue them before it is impossible to move from the flood-stricken area. In the near future it will even be possible to construct emergency bridges.

Category: Water