Submitted by: Light up the World Foundation
Implemented country: Canada
Title: Solid State Lighting for Human Development

The Light Up The World Foundation (LUTW) is a humanitarian initiative whose principal goal is to bring affordable, efficient, environmentally sustainable lighting to remote villages currently denied access to clean and safe lighting. LUTW has pioneered the use of solid-state lighting (SSL) technology in the developing world and continues to be the leader in spearheading efforts to bring SSL technology to those most in need. LUTW lamps use white light emitting diodes powered by renewable energy to produce light, requiring as little as one watt per lamp, a dramatic reduction relative to current fluorescent and incandescent technologies. Just as importantly, this appropriate technology is affordable and available to even the poorest of villagers, most of whom have previously been obliged to use inefficient, unhealthy and carbon-intensive fuel-based lighting. Kerosene, a primary lighting fuel in the developing world, causes heavy local and indoor air pollution, resulting in illnesses and death, and also poses extreme fire hazards.

Category: Fire