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Submitted by: Waste Strategy Unit - West Sussex County Council, UK
Implemented country: United Kingdom
Title: Waste Prevention for Better Tomorrows

One of the most pressing problems facing UK waste management is the growth in waste generation, which brings pressure on waste treatment facilities and makes it more difficult to raise the recycling rate and reduce landfill. This situation is reflected in the County of West Sussex, where members are concerned with the financial investment required by operations for the procurement of contracts coupled with the ever-increasing waste handling infrastructure. Doorstep interviews conducted as part of the waste awareness initiative indicated that residents would like to receive more information about waste issues and how they can help directly in their household. The results also clearly showed that residents believed that this information should come directly from the local authority. The consultation process provided a sound benchmark for future work. It also confirmed that the delivery of a complete Waste Prevention Package containing all prevention opportunities and messages should be delivered directly to every household. The conception of the Waste Prevention Suite booklet “For Better Tomorrows” began after this consultation and has culminated in the first two editions of the booklet. It pulls together all the waste prevention initiatives in one comprehensive booklet to enable residents to take action individually.

Category: Earth