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Submitted by: Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Government of Pakistan
Implemented country: Pakistan
Title: First Solar Community Uplift Project in Pakistan

Narian Khorian is a small village in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The 100 households of Naria Khoria are without electricity or clean drinking water. The project “100 Solar Homes Alipur Farash” supports villages such as this one with electrification of 100 houses, mosques and schools, solar powered computer lab, solar water desalination plants, public toilets and solar cookers. With the aid of these it is possible to guarantee a decrease of environmental pollution, safe and clean drinking water, and an improvement of hygienic conditions and livelihood. “100 Solar Homes Alipur Farash” is a demonstration project. Its aim is to create a role model for other rural regions facing the same problems.

Category: Fire