Submitted by: Energy Club Environmental Assosiation Budapest
Implemented country: Hungary
Title: Renews at Work - Demonstration of utilization of small sell wind and solar

Energy Club Environmental Association has its own division dealing with renewable energy sources. From the end of the nineties Energy Club was planning to revive a project in which the use of renewable energy sources (RES) is demonstrated and understandable for the public. Their aim was to find a place where RES technologies can be seen on a small scale on the order of a household. The second aim was the support of undeveloped, isolated farms where no source of energy is available. In 2002 they cooperate with Istvàn Lènàrt, the owner of Kacàr Farm. This farm is located near Budapest, which makes it ideal for demonstrative purposes. It is easily accessible and has many tourists. In 2003 Energy Club installed some solar panels in Kacàr Farm. Energy Club represents itself on occasions organized in the farm, gives lectures on RES and invites school groups for demonstrations.

Category: Fire