Submitted by: Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)
Implemented country: South Africa
Title: Establishment of a partnership between Eskom and EWT dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity in South Africa

The strategic partnership between Eskom (South Africa’s national electricity supplier) and the NGO Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) serves as a model for the electric power industry worldwide by taking action against wildlife mortality related to electricity networks. The parties intent to prevent negative interaction between wildlife and the electricity infrastructure, such as electrocution of birds and other wildlife by collision with power lines and birds causing interruptions of electricity supply. Achieving this goal requires the implementation of an integrated management system. Key aspects of the project are the creation of a national incident register for all wildlife/powerline interactions to ensure the identification of areas of immediate importance. In addition, consideration is given to research on the design and implementation of mitigation strategies as well as to participation in international conferences in order to raise awareness. The partnership is based on voluntary cooperation and therefore has resulted in an extraordinary level of mutual trust between an environmental NGO and an industry giant.

Category: Earth