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Submitted by: New Ibajay Non-Agricultural Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Implemented country: Philippines
Title: Renewable Energy-Based Village Power in New Ibajay, Philippines

The project involves the implementation of a community based village power System consisting of a 20kW power plant fueled by the sun. The photovoltaic, mini-grid system was established through the efforts of the New Ibajay Non-Agricultural Multi-Purpose Cooperative (NINAMC), a women-led organisation and their partners, the Palawan Provincial Government (PGP), the Philippines Department of Energy, and UNDP. The system now provides electricity for about half of the village’s 400-plus households. Prior to the project, privately owned, diesel-powered electric generator sets provided power to only about 5 percent of New Ibajay’s households. The power supplied by these diesel generators was erratic and expensive. Households served by the new PV system enjoy important benefits, such as more hours of light per day, brighter illumination for doing schoolwork and other activities, links to the outside world via radio and television, and elimination of indoor air pollution, the fire hazard of kerosene wick lamps, and the noise of diesel generators.

Category: Fire