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Submitted by: The Energy and Sustainability Programme ESKOM / Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
Implemented country: South Africa
Title: Celebrating Sustainable Promotion of Electrical Efficiency in South Africa

Young activists from Ladysmith, South Africa formed a collaborative unit under the auspices of local environmentalist Avril Wilkinson and initiated an electrical efficiency campaign. In the course of the project 6000 existing incandescent lamps were replaced by 14 W compact fluorescent lamps, donated by Climate Care, a UK-based environmental organisation. This initiative achieved a reduction in electricity consumption, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. The young group members distributed bulbs that consume less electricity and consequently contributed to the reduction of the community’s electricity bills. The money accruing as a result was used for tree planting, a further means to help the climate through the absorption of CO2. The awareness-raising education campaign was implemented in phases which had the positive side effect that many people from culturally, racially and economically diverse backgrounds could be approached; the last phase focused on schools.

Category: Youth