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Submitted by: DÜ ZiZi & YoYo
Implemented country: Estonia
Title: Temporary light installation in the center of the Estonian capital Tallinn

Light Dome was a collaboration art project between Zizi &YoYo, Winy Maas, a Dutch architect and lighting designer Rogier van da Heide of Arup from London. From January 1 to 6, 2005 the sky above Town Hall Square (Tallinn, Estonia) was filled with bright white balloons with the aim of disseminating innovative street lighting solutions to cities worldwide and enlivening a European-wide discussion working towards a more eco-friendly, cost-efficient strategy to light city streets. From the social aspect the ambition was to bring joy to citizens and visitors during the dark winter period by means of the aesthetic visual attractiveness of this art project. The positive impact on the population’s mental health was reflected as the light contributed to decreasing psychological depression and suicide rates during the winter.

Category: Fire